Fotosilm ABT-100

2 kiirt; 100m

Fotosilm ABT-100

Fotosilm ABT-100

2 kiirega fotosilm. Fotoelektriline infrapuna silm. Sobib kasutamiseks mitmesuguste seadmetega nagu alarm; tõkkepuud jne. Välistingimustes signaali edastus kuni 100 meetrit, sisetingimustes kuni 300 meetrit.

Mõõdud: 170 x 80 x 72mm


  • Outdoor Distance: 100m
  • Indoor Distance: 300m
  • Beams: 2
  • Optical Source: Infrared digital pulse mode
  • Response Speed: 50700ms
  • Alarm Output: NC&NO contact rating AV/DC 30V/0.5A
  • Alarm Output-bus: MA bus across wave carrier model
  • Input Voltage: DC 924V, AC 1118V
  • Current: 65mA
  • OperationTemperature/Humidity: -2560 5%95%
  • Crust Material: PC resin tin metal
  • Level Adjustment Axis: 180°± 90°
  • Vertical Adjustment Axis: ±10°
  • Tamper Output: NC contact rating AV/DC 24V/0.5mA
  • Housing Material: Polycarbonate


  • Intelligent power transmission: independent development of the chip can automatically sense ambient changes
  • According to the environmental conditions to automatically adjust to the radio's transmit power, greatly extending the life of the launching tube, while also lowering power.
  • Cable, bus compatible, holographic spot real-time reporting.
  • Full-function diagnostics, environmental adaptive, fault lock.
  • Digital Fuzzy Artificial Intelligence Identification: Using artificial intelligence fuzzy judgments, false positives to a minimum.
  • Patent coaxial dual focal length precision optical aspheric focusing lens.
  • dedicated DSP chip, patented multi-dimensional fault-tolerant, real detection alarm technology.
  • optical lens up and down while structural adjustments, to adjust faster and more accurate.
  • Professional CPU chips, strong anti-interference


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