Käekell "Pulss"

Pulsimõõtmine, kalorid, treening, kellaaeg, stopper jne

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Käekell "Pulss"

 Käekell "Pulss"

Digitaalne eksklusiivse välimusega käekell. Sobib meestele kui naistele. Näitab kellaaega, kuupäeva, kuud, aastat, äratus, pulssi, treeningut, kulutatud kaloreid, stopper jne. 

Esikülje värvus: kollane või sinine.

Kella mõõdud: 44,5 x 15,0mm

Rihma mõõdud: 18x235mm (Koos kellaga)


Info tootjalt:

  • The calorie watch is the first and only watch that can calculate your heart rate and calories burned while exercising without the need of a chest strap. 
  • It has been designed to calculate the calories burned and pulse rate of an AVERAGE. Individual based on preset age, weight, and sex. 
  • Built-in ECG Pulse Sensor requires NO chest strap 
  • Continuous Heart Rate Reading in a while with the indication of instant heart rate changing 
  • Exercise Heart Rate measure and Resting Heart Rate measure modes 
  • Analyst the Heart Rate and calculate the Calories Burnt after exercise 
  • Exercise Intensity input for Calories analyzing 
  • Exercise Counter with Automatic and Manual override Calorie Counter 
  • The calorie watch also tells you which of your 5 Activity zones you exercised in. 
  • Chronograph (Stopwatch) with split lap time for recording exercise time 
  • Display current Time & Calendar with Alarm and Hourly 
  • Great complements for football, Yoga, Swimming, Ice skating, Step aerobics, Soccer, Squash etc. 
  • Inside battery life: Over 1 year under normal use / 1 x CR2032 battery (include)  
  • Watch band width: 1.8cm 
  • Case material: Rubber 
  • Band material: rubber 
  • Size: 44.5cm x 45cm x 1.5cm