Diagnostikaseade VGate VS890S


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Diagnostikaseade VGate VS890S

Diagnostikaseade OBDII  VGate VS890S

Diagnostikaseade, veakoodilugeja OBD II. Sobib koheseks kasutamiseks. Sobib OBD 2 veakoodide lugemiseks kõikidele Euroopas, US ja Aasias müüdud sõiduautodele  ning tarbesõidukitele, milledel on vastav valmidus.


  • 2.4 inch LCD VA STN 128*64, wide visible area, high contrast. 
  • The converts is readable even in strong sun shine. 
  • Harmless fade-resistant paint. 
  • Rubber oil sprayed housing; slide,dirty,adn vibration proof. 
  • High quality PET 6-key film keypad. (3M harmless glue). 
  • Passed CE, FCC, RoHs Certified.


  • Works with all 1996 and later OBDII compliant US, European and Asian vehicles. 
  • Support manually input DTC Look- up. 
  • This operation will erase all DTCs, freeze frame Data, Oxygen sensor data, and reset IM monitors and MIL. 
  • Read Diagnostic Trouble Codes(DTCs). 
  • Clear trouble codes. 
  • View real-time vehicle operation data (Data stream). 
  • View freeze frame data. 
  • View I/M readiness. 
  • Read O2 monitor test data. 
  • Read On-Board Mon.Test. 
  • Component test. 
  • View the vehiclea s information. 
  • Modules present. 
  • Unit of measure. 
  • State emission. 
  • Read all DTCs. 
  • Read stored DTCs. 
  • Detailed help information. 
  • Capable of showing probable caues of a DTCs. 
  • Up to 161 data items, each of them is with online help information. 
  • Reset tengine MIL. 
  • Support 13 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian Hebrew, German, French, Finnish, Dutch, Danish and Chinese).