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Uus ja tellitud kaup jõuab lehele 15-19.07.2020

Salvesti COTIER A81U-ZS

DVR+NVR+HVR; 8 kanaliga salvestusseade;

Salvesti COTIER A81U-ZS

Salvesti  COTIER A81U-ZS


Antud DVR salvestusseade on mõeldud kuni 4 valvekaameraga kasutamiseks. Andmekandjaks SATA kõvaketas mahuga kuni 6TB (ei ole kaasas). Palju väljundvõimalusi.

Mõõdud: 250mm*220mm*45mm


  • Support: AHD/TVI/CVI/CVBS/IP five signals 
  • Step on the Internet: With cloud service, easy to achieve a variety of network penetrations, one step to remote monitoring, getting rid of various complicated network settings, easy and simple to operate. 
  • Compression algorithm ideal: H.264 compression algorithm, 30% decrease of stream due to advanced space-time filtering technology. 
  • Playback quality: Support full real-time encoding video, full real-time playback of multi-channel synchronous decoding. 
  • Main and Sub Stream: Main stream and Sub-stream encoding. Main stream for local storage, ensure image quality; Sub-stream for real-time network transmission, easy to solve bandwidth bottleneck problem. 
  • Mobile monitor: Support various mobile monitoring (iPhone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian, Android). 
  • Display: VGA HD output simultaneously, support VGA 1080p HD output, lead the technology of HD resolution. 
  • Operation interface: Similar to Windows operating style, easy to get started with powerful mouse right-click function. 
  • Network: Powerful network services (support DHCP, PPPOE, FTP, DNS, DDNS, EMAIL, IP searches etc.) And perfect support (WEB, Client, SDK), easy to achieve interoperability. 
  • Browsers: Support IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari browsers. 
  • Remote Access: With DNS (ARSP), easy to monitor remotely, 3322 (Greek network), dyndns, oray (peanut shells), myq-see and other DNS are also provided. 
  • Differentiation: Boot screen free replacement, more than twenty languages, over 10 sets of GUI interface, ten kinds of remote control, which make our products different from others. 
  • Others: With unique black box technology, the whole process can be monitored, which greatly reduces maintenance costs. 
  • Encode capability: 8*1080N @25fqs P/ 30fqs. 
  • Decode capability: 4*1080N @18fqs P/18fqs. 
  • Multi-Input (ONVIF 2.8) Analogue: 8*1080N, Analogue + Network; HD: 4*1080N (AHD-NH)+7*720P (network), Network: 4*720P. 
  • CPU Master: GM8286; DDR memory: 1*2G; AD chip: NVP6114A; Flash: W25Q128. 
  • Space usage video: 1080N: 25G/day*channel, 720P: 20G/day*channel, 960H: 12-20G/day*channel, audio 691.2M/day*channel.